Terms and Conditions

Please read this page carefully. It contains very important information about your rights and obligations, as well as limitations and exclusions that apply to you when you book a vacation through Beckerdream Safaris Limited. These Terms & Conditions apply to you starting when your trip is booked and under deposit. 

QUOTES: All prices are subject to change until payment is made in full.

ACCEPTANCE: Payment for any booking constitutes your acceptance of these term and conditions.

DEPOSITS: All bookings require a minimum per person non-refundable deposit to hold and confirm reservations. Some tours will require a larger deposit; you will be notified if this is the case.

PAYMENT: Some special tours or accommodations require earlier payment, and you will be advised if this is the case. Late or nonpayment may cause automatic cancellation of your booking.

CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS:  Please note travel insurance, all deposits and all service fees are non-refundable. Cancellation fees or refunds for customer cancellation are at the discretion of the hotels, tour operators, rental car agencies and other Service Providers with which customer has reserved travel related services. Insurance purchases and flights are always non-refundable.
Cancellation and/or changes to reservations may incur penalties. Cancellation penalties will vary depending on the time of cancellation and the specific arrangements that have been booked. Therefore, it should be noted that cancellation penalties may add up to 100% of the total amount paid.

INSURANCE: Travel insurance can be purchased to cover penalty costs in the event you need to cancel or change your travel plans (subject to approval of claim by the insurer). It also can provide medical and emergency assistance protection as well as some loss and delay cover as well. You must indicate, on the application form, whether or not you want to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance can be purchased after the deposit has been made however the coverage may be differ. Travel insurance must be purchased before the final payment is due.

VALIDITY/CHANGES: Your itinerary contains information believed to be accurate up to the time of which it is dated. For your convenience, we quote prices in USD ($) currency based on current exchange rates for the day. These exchange rates fluctuate and your quote is only confirmed when payment is made in full unless otherwise noted on your itinerary. Itinerary changes are subject to a change fee.

PASSPORT/TRAVEL VISA: Travel outside of your home country will require the need for valid travel documents such as: passport, visa, re-entry permit, health certificates, inoculation record, a ticket for the return journey or continuance of your trip, or ANY combination thereof. The responsibility for the proper documentation rests with the individual passenger, not Beckerdream Safaris Limited. Concerns about the required travel documents may be resolved by contacting the appropriate consulate or embassy.

WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY: You specifically agree that Beckerdream Safaris Limited and/or associated companies, will not be held responsible or liable in any way due to any detention, delay, loss or damage, sickness or injury, however or by whatsoever cause and of whatever kind occurring of or to you at any time. We act as agents for the principal companies supplying the travel services you purchase. In no event will our liability exceed that of refunding the amounts paid by you to us for your travel. If you do book travel with us, this means you specifically agree not to hold us liable for any thing, consequential or not, foreseeable or not.

INCLUSIONS/EXCLUSIONS: Anything not specifically mentioned in the contract is not included.  Examples consist of meals when not specifically mentioned, entrance fees and excursions not specifically mentioned and incidentals such as phone charges, rollaway beds and any other items of a personal nature.  Clients are strongly advised to review the itinerary before accepting it and submitting a deposit for your vacation package.

The information being provided is deemed reliable but not guaranteed, and all information should be verified by the consumer.